Kay Lab in the department of Pediatrics & Genetics

Overheard in the Lab

1) Having a hypothesis makes it easier to come to work every day. (SY)
2) How much does this hold? anonymous
3) It looks really good, your backbone, my insert should go right in (FP)
4) Everything goes into my plasmid (AE)
5) When I’m having a bad day, I just sit back and read my Nature Genetics paper. (FP)
6) That looks like a diaphragm?
7) Its on Fox isn’t it?
8) Yeah, yeah, Yeah, Yeah… (CY)
9) It’s not that tough
10) Coffee?
11) I pulled a Yabin. (Do)
12) My Plate’s too full right now.
13) I can eat a pig (FP)
14) It’s mine I know but its really annoying.
15) Read Matiatis
16) Where are you going to settle down?
17) Relaxed DNA mixes slower than supercoiled DNA. (lab meeting, 6/5/00)
18) I hate the Nasdaq
19) I just took a nap in my car…. (AM & N)
20) I just discovered it’s not good to run your gel in transfer buffer…. Hmmm. Running buffer is good.
21) Sutton’s Law “Follow the money”
22) Thai closet?
23) However (N)
24) Shiliang, do you have a minute? (KO)
25) Have you seen the credit card? (AE)
26) It’s different down here!!!! (BG)
27) *Puking Sound* (AE)
28) Quick question. (YH)
29) Can I graduate then? (PP)
30) Tea?
31) What’s the donor bank? (CT)
32) What do yooouuuu work on?? (SW)
33) I want to be 1st Author.
34) I am strudel, I’m tasty (SY)
35) In my former lab… (HX)
36) Nolar? (SY)
37) No, No, No, No…. adenovirus screws up everything.! (MAK)
38) I told Dark to call Peter on Monday, but he was drunk already. (N)
39) And so on, and so forth… (DG)
40) Don’t try to hit a homerun when you’re not on base (MAK)
41) There is no future for AAV (N)
42) Their butts are tiny (re: Stanford men swimmers) (KP)
43) It’s driving me nuts (AM)…. Good (MAK)
44) That's how it started with Napolean...
45) I just want to say mmmmmm (CT)
46) Hey Nakai, do you have SARS? Not today, I did yesterday….
47) At least getting drunk does relax you… (KS)
48) “Where are your (cute) little buns? (TS to JG)
49) My butt kept on falling out. (SY)
50) I’m building to a crescendo here (FP)
51) What’s my social security number?!?! Go to hell (DG)
52) They come and I kill... (JP)
53) I want two big jugs... (KP)

Famous Markisms:

1) There are a few things I’m concerned about, do you have more data?
2) What exactly are you doing?
3) I’m a bit worried.
4) What is the point here now?
5) That would be a good thing to present.
6) Any new data?
7) I like it, I think it’s really important.
8) Hey, How’s it going?
9) I like this, could you email me a powerpoint file?

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